Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes, you have to pay a deposit for furniture, kitchen and bathroom items. The price depends on the chosen package.

Does the rent include service, heating, electricity and water?

No, the rental price is the basic rent; the other expenses have to be paid through the service fee.

What are the service fees?

Although at the moment we are working on the content of the service fees with the various suppliers, you have to keep in mind that the additional service fee will be around €150 per month. As soon as we have the exact prices, we will communicate this on our website.

Can I get rent subsidy?

This differs with each individual and depends on your income.

You can check this by:

Is it allowed to keep animals?

No, animals are not allowed.

Is there a building manager at the property?

Yes, there is a part-time building manager on site who will regularly be present  to monitor various issues, maintain the building and respond on any given question.