The Hague


Enjoy the energy! The Warehouse is located in the Energiekwartier (energyquarter). This is a completely new district that is constantly in development and movement. It is centrally located in the city The Hague. Great industrial properties, comfortable new homes and a lovely park, within walking distance of The Warehouse is the unique city centre. Discover the charm of the city, go to the beach at Scheveningen , or stroll through the new Energy district. Relax and Recharge! It is full of culture, culinary indulgence and music, it’s all here.

Did you know?

. . . The Hague inhabits a total of 170 nationalities?

. . . The Hague is a real festival city? Almost every weekend there is a festival to experience!

. . . The Hague is the second UN city in the world (after New York)?

. . . The singer Anouk and her band directly come from The Hague?

. . . The Hague is the third municipality of the Netherlands? (In terms of population numbers)

. . . The Hague has a vibrant student life?

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